Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Open Letter to Phil Goff

Dear Phil Goff

In your shameless attempt to gain the votes of 9000 Destiny Church members you have lost my vote.

When you have your minister attend an event such as The Destiny Church Conference you give further authority to a hate group and cult. I saw no reporting of criticism by your minister Shane Jones of their bigoted anti-homosexuality stance nor did I see any criticism of their systematic taxing of church members in return for... nothing. So I can only assume the Labour Party was attending this rally to gain votes.

I hope you find this to be a poor strategic move. There are surely more than 9000 homo-sexual people who will be highly offended by your support of a hate group that actively targets them. Not to mention all the other people like myself who are simply interested in standing up for human rights.

I come from a family of Labour voters and have voted for Labour every election. For the first time I will be casting an invalid vote this year as a statement of no confidence. I doubt very much Helen Clark would have had one of her ministers support such a "cult" (her wording). But then again, she had principles.