Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A follow up on the Goff letter...

So I received a reply...

And my response...

Thank you Phil for your response

Unfortunately due to your poor grammar I was unable to understand your reply completely, for example, what does the following sentence mean?

"You need to see attendance at a meeting where the invitation came from Destiny as it actually was"

And when you said this "... democracy means people have the right to hear what we have to say" What were you referring to? Was it Shane Jones' comment that...

"based on what I've seen here... your movement will outlast me as a political player"?

Or was it his apology for the lack of religiosity in the Labour Party when he said this...

"... so don't for a minute feel, Bishop and Destiny members, that every member of the Labour Party is hostile to God."

This didn't sound to me like Labour communicating its principles, in fact it sounded more like Labour apologising for them. And no Phil, Destiny church members did not hear what Labour's views were on Destiny's policies of hate toward homosexuals because Shane Jones never mentioned them.

You see, a democracy only works if the voters can freely vote and if they have parties with clear principles they can vote for.

So Phil, you can feel free to be offended by my comments, but don't lecture me about democracy when you are the one failing to provide the clear principles you are responsible for providing in order for a democracy to work.

However, I appreciate your response,

Yours Sincerely,
James Brown

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